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Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Replacing your roof can be a daunting task, but selecting the right roofing contractor shouldn’t be! Below are tips to help you select a trustworthy and honest roofing contractor to help you with this big investment.

  1. Choose a Local Contractor
    When you choose a local contractor they are more familiar with everything from local weather and subsequently the most appropriate roofing material, as well local rules and any code regulations. Also, should you have any issues with your roof, it is helpful when the company is local and reputable so that you are able to ensure they are around to help you should a problem arise. 


  1. Check Licensing and Insurance
    Roofing is a dangerous job, and as such a contractor should have insurance for all of its employees. To protect you, they should maintain both Workers Compensation and General Liability insurance that covers Roofing Operations. Roofing insurance is difficult to obtain and expensive, therefore it’s important to require your contractor to provide you with a copy of their insurance policies that show coverage of “Roofing Operations.” This is especially important if you’re considering hiring a General Contractor that also “does roofing,” because even though they can legally perform Roofing work per the AZ Registrar of Contractors, it doesn’t mean they have the proper coverage. You can easily check the current status of the roofing contractors license by accessing your states Registrar of Contractors.


  1. Price isn’t everything- “A cheap roof may be the most expensive roof”
    You should never choose a company solely based on price. Customers who choose a company solely because they were the cheapest will end up spending exponentially more money to fix problems that would often be covered by a guarantee with a more reputable roofing company. 


  1. Handle your own insurance claim
    You may see roofing companies who say they will pay your deductible or handle your insurance claim, but in most states it is actually illegal for contractors to act on behalf of the homeowner when negotiating insurance claims. Any company that is willing to commit insurance fraud or open the door for potential legal action, isn’t a company who has your best interest in mind.


  1. Avoid companies that require you to pay upfront.
    When a roofing contractor requests you make a large payment up front, this is a red flag. An established roofing contractor will not need for you to “cover material costs” upfront. Some roofing contractors may require a deposit. A typical deposit should not exceed 1/3 of the total cost of the roofing project. At Behmer-Burns Roofing and Sheet Metal, we never require a deposit. We don’t require payment until the job is complete, which allows you to ensure the job is done right and to your expectations.
    Should you be required to pay a deposit with a roofing contractor, be sure to pay by check or credit card in order to create a record, which can be tracked should an issue arise.


  1. Get Job Details in Writing
    Having job details in writing allows you to be in control and know exactly what you are paying for. We recommend customers review their contracts carefully. A reputable and professional company will take the time to discuss any parts of the contract and job details that you may not understand. Having a detailed estimate, including the cost of removing the old roof, adding the new roof and anything that may come up during the process, helps alleviate any issues and hidden costs that may arise.


  1. Who will be installing the roof?
    So you finally select a roofing contractor, but when they show up for the job you find out they aren’t the ones who will be doing the work. Some roofing companies will outsource their jobs to independent sub contractors. If this is the case, often the manufacturer of the roofing material will void any warranty that comes with the materials. Also, subcontractors will need to carry their own insurance as they hold their own liability. It is best to ask the company you are considering if the job will be done by their own crews or if they subcontract out the work.

  1. Check their BBB rating
    An easy step in choosing the right Roofing Contractor is to look them up on the BBB site to find their current rating. It’s best to stay away from contractors you can’t find on BBB or those who don’t maintain a good rating.


If you are ready to talk to discuss your roofing options, we are here to help! We are roofing contractors with over 70 years of experience, and we are pride ourselves on integrity and quality workmanship. We are approved applicators for most products and we are ready to assist you with excellent service. Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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